Monday, September 15, 2008

We're in Zhengzhou!

Troy: We are now in Zhengzhou (pronounced Jeng-Joe) safety. We flew on China Southern Airlines from Beijing to Zhengzhou at noon time and arrived at our hotel around 3PM China Time. We just had a great dinner out at a local cafe. We are now preparing the room for Ty tomorrow. We have a baby crib full of toys and paperwork and gifts for the officials. So, we are now 15 hours away from getting our little munchkin boy. We are here with 4 other families from around the US receiving children and will be helping each other out as the children transition. We will receive Ty tomorrow morning at 9:30A China Time or 8:30P Central US Time. They are bringing him to the hotel and we'll be giving him to us in the Mama Mia Restaurant. We will go to our hotel room and starting bonding with our son. Please, keep us in your thoughts and prayers about a great transition tomorrow with him. We will update you about how it all went. Blessings!

Amy: It has been another busy day transitioning to Zhengzhou. We landed safely after lots of prayers due to a turbulent flight and fast landing. The pilot seemed to take the plane down quicker then I was comfortable with. The scenery is definitely different in ZZ compared to Beijing. It is hotter, you can see the smog in the air and it looks a little bare compared to the lush Beijing. The Henan Province is said to be the poorest in China and it is obvious. Our hotel is lovely though and our dinner tonight was incredible.

While driving from the airport to the hotel in our bus, I realized God had given me a vision in a dream about six months ago before we even got Ty's referral. In my dream, I was in a bus on a highway and laughed at the signs as we passed by. There was a sign that said "No Drunk Driving" and another one that said not to liter and had people throwing trash out the window of a car. I remember waking up from my dream because the signs were not something we have in the US and the landscape was different from Illinois with fruit like trees lining the highway. As we were driving, tears started running down my face without me even thinking about it. It was then I realized we were living my dream.


Andy & Amy Leong said...

Congratulations! We hope your day goes well tomorrow. We are just a week ahead of you in the process. It is a wonderful experience. Hang in there tomorrow. It can feel like a long day with lots of paperwork to be accomplished. We'll look forward to seeing pictures of Ty.


Jen said...

Wow, Amy. Your dream and vision into the future was amazing. We pray for you guys today and tomorrow, and for little Ty, as he is welcomed into your world (in his world!).

Mark & Patricia said...

Troy and Amy
Wonderful pictures and great to get the updates. Glad you are seeing some of the sights but of course that is all secondary to Ty! Glad the trip is going well. We are praying and pulling for you for a continued safe and rewarding trip.

Alyson & Ford said...

We are praying for your bonding today; your love for him is so great... we have loved our children even before they were born.


Anonymous said...