Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shaolin Temple Day

Ty on the bus ride to Shaolin Temple

Warrior Monk Statute outside Shaolin Temple - The Home of Shaolin Kung-Fu

Ty in His Hoodie

Total Cuteness 101

Shaolin Temple Kung-Fu Show

Shaolin Temple Kung-Fu Show

Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks Statute

Pagoda Forest @ Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple East Tower (Gorgeous!)

Troy: Today was another great day! A little cool, but nice. We went to Shaolin Temple - 50 miles northwest of Zhengzhou. Shaolin Temple is the Home of Shaolin Kung-Fu. All the children who were a part of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony doing Kung-Fu in white outfits were from this school and temple. We saw them all practicing out in the courtyards together on our way to visit the site. There were hundreds of them - amazing sight. We saw a Kung-Fu show and visited the Pagoda Forest. Each pagoda is the tomb of a Shaolin Warrior Monk. There were 247 pagodas in the forest with the earliest dating back to 719AD. That's more than 700 years before Columbus discovered America! We are back at the hotel and finishing our packing before we fly to Guangzhou tomorrow! We're excited about being on the road again. We have heard great things about Guangzhou and the White Swan Hotel where we will be staying. Very kid friendly. We will be there until flying home this coming Friday non-stop from Hong-Kong to Chicago! Bye for now!

Amy: Today was such a long day that Ty went down at 6:30 tonight! He also presented us with another major blowout that got all over my clothes this time. Chinese children are known for their loose stools and we can verify that whole hardily. It doesn't help that he is teething and that causes a little extra mess. A couple that just adopted their 3rd daughter presented us with a pair of plastic pants to put over Ty's diaper. This will be VERY helpful, especially on the plane. We have a list of things created that we need to purchase when we get home. So far they are Nuby sippy cups (brought one with us and he loves it), plastic pants and a basketball hoop. This boy loves to throw things in the garbage can or on the ground. Ty is also eating scrambled eggs for us, sausage and passion fruit. Today was the day that he wanted anything I wanted and it was all about the mama. He even said "Mama". My heart melted. He is starting to wave bye-bye and blow kisses. His personality is really cute and comes out more each day.

See you in Guangzhou! We are ready for a change after living in the same hotel room for a week. We are also ready to get back to a slower pace of life. We will NEVER complain about traffic, bad drivers or the size of our house. Americans are SOOOOO spoiled!


Lisa said...

Amy, Jana is very lactose intolerant. Took us a long time to figure that out. Might watch what milk products Ty is eating. We have had to switch her entirely to Almond & rice milk. Never fails, within an hour or 2 of eating/drinking anything with milk/cheese she has a very loose reaction.

Loving the updates everyday. Ty is sooo cute!!!! We will have to meet up with you when you visit Austin!

Hugs, Lisa

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