Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Problem Solved

One of my biggest pet peeves are people (especially those I share a house with) who get a new glass each time they need a drink in a period of a day. Thanks to my mom, she purchased "Inchbugs" for the kids. They were so handy and helpful, the adults needed their own too. Mine doesn't get used an awful lot because I have the strange habit of using the same coffee cup, water bottle and wine glass over and over. I have my favorites and my household and guests know not to touch or use. I am a happy camper now that my family knows to have an Inchbug on every cup, except Remy's bottle.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not Afraid to Admit...

... we have been the owners of a 2004 Toyota Sienna since Oct. 30, 2010. We found a 2004 with low miles and the price was right, especially since it was at the end of the month. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles (less to break down as my dad would say) of power doors or DVD player or navigation system, but it is perfect for our family.

This van has been a life saver to load up 2 young kids in car seats. I buckle them in and crawl across to the drivers seat. We have changed clothes, hauled a Christmas tree and had plenty of space for luggage on car trips. It is a dream and a life saver. I adore the anti-lock breaks in the snow and ice and it has served us well. I just might have a mini van until I am no longer allowed to drive.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Remembering Fall...

... and life before 2.

It is cold and icy outside, not real comfortable or conducive to hanging out with my little man on a Saturday morning with coffee by my side and his conversations. So we look back on a gloomy Saturday morning, full of laughter, quaint ramblings by Ty and the fun of playing in the leaves.

The daddy was sleeping in that Saturday after a late morning (went to bed at 5:00 am) of working in his basement office. My little guy was up early and ready to take on the day. So we headed outside to the deck with my coffee and his blankets to snuggle in. I love 3 1/2 because we can have conversations and tell stories. And the humor of my little guy...he can turn it on and off in a heartbeat. The above picture displays the sweetness and the extreme silliness of this kid.

...of and the joy of leaves. The innocence of raking leaves...he doesn't even realize that it is work and we are helping Daddy out. The dad was impressed when he woke up.

I love having 2 little ones. I love even more the opportunity to snuggle up with each of them individually and share life. Ty has learned that he can have that one on one time with Mom and Dad after Remy has gone to bed and he does not let us forget. He acts so grown since he gets to be with the "big kids."

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Tale of Two Nurses

Note: This is not Remy's rear. This is an example from Google Images.

During our recent visit to the hospital ER for Remy, we gave the opportunity for 2 nurses to be educated.

Nurse #1 as he was holding Remy in the fetal position while doctor is performing the spinal tap: "Please tell me about those bruises and how they happened?"
Me: "Those are not bruises, they are Mongolian spots, common among Asian children. If only you knew the background checks I had to go through to bring this child home."
Nurse #1: "Interesting."

This was the same nurse that told me they were going to do the spinal tap to test for meningitis and if she had it, she would die. Not a lot of tact or empathy. Just strait forward, which is how I usually like it, but not in this situation.

Nurse #2 as he was preparing to draw blood and I was changing a diaper on a very wiggly girl: "Are those Mongolian spots?"
Me: "Yes they are. As you can see, she is covered in them on her little back side."
Nurse #2: "Wow! We talked about these in nursing school, but I have never seen them in person."
Me: "The other nurse questioned me about potential child abuse."
Nurse #2: "He graduated from nursing school over 20 years ago. "

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Our beautiful and handsome "Made in China" kiddos. The label takes on a new meaning in our family!