Monday, September 27, 2010

More Remy Pictures

We got these pictures of Remy via email today from our adoption agency, CCAI. She is absolutely precious! Look at that lip repair! We continue to be amazed! We also found out Remy weights close to 17 pounds, is 27 1/4 inches tall and has 4 teeth. Hopefully the clothes I bought her will still fit. According to size charts that I looked at, she is in the 9-12 month range of clothes. I think we will be OK, but not for long.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Little Drummer Boy

We got this message from our "surrogate mom", Mama Pat. This could be Ty. Looks like him in ways and I have always said our guy is a drummer. He turns everything into a drumstick. Wish I could figure out how to put the video on this post.

Could this be Ty's future? This kid is good! About three quarters of the way through, watch the facial expressions on his face when he spots his mom & dad...Talented little guy! click here: Little Drummer Boy

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Clothes for Remy

I can already tell, I am going to need to control myself shopping for girl items. There is a lot of fun stuff for boys and I enjoy buying for Ty, but there are SO MANY more choices for girls. I have done a good job so far and told myself I am only going to buy her clothes for our trip, just as I did for Ty. Kohl's was having a sale, I had a coupon and you got Kohl's cash back for future purchases. Let me say, I got these clothes REALLY cheap. They are all mix and match which is perfect for our trip.

We love monkey's in this house, so the purple polka-dot PJ's are appropriate. The sleeper on the left was bought in 2006 when we started the adoption journey for #1. I found it at some boutique downtown Chicago for pennies. It has little frogs on the feet and a matching hat. Hope she can still wear it.

We purchased the hat at a local art/music fair and the "bow board" at another arts and crafts fair in Lincoln. The lady gave us the bows for free since we are adopting an orphan from China. We also found out we payed way to much for the hat or the Lincoln lady is undercharging. She was selling the same thing for less then half of what we paid. After doing some investigating online, all of this stuff is so easy and cheap to make with the right supplies. It will be interesting to see if Remy is the girley type and even allow all the hats and bows.

The Kiddos New Rooms

There was a lot of room switch-a-roo in our house back in early August. With the help of Amy's mom who was still around, Troy's office became the guest bedroom, the old guest bedroom became Remy's room and Ty's convertible bed and dresser were moved to Remy's room. All of this and furniture building was done in a day! That left Ty needing new goods. While up in Chicago for a cleft team appointment, we went to IKEA and bought him a new dresser, bed/mattress, and curtains. We were not ready to paint Remy's room, so we decided to leave it the light sky blue that it is. It goes really well with what we already have and is relaxing. These pictures don't do the true colors of the rooms justice. Ty's room is apple green, and is so versatile.

The red IKEA dresser. Audrey and Amy had to convince Troy the color was going to work.

Yes, we broke the rules. Our child is 3 and sleeps in a bunk bed. It is not that high and he is surrounded on all sides. We can put a mattress of the bottom later on, but now it is a play area/storage for all his blankets and "babies".

Banner for Remy's room. Just like Ty's.

Found this stand at Hobby Lobby on clearance. Thought the colors went very well with the room.

Dresser and butterflies on wall. Found these butterflies at Dollar Tree for $1.

Banner and crib. Still looking for a crib skirt. Looks like I am going to go online to find something since you cannot find them individually in the stores.

Remy's room is still a work in progress. There are pictures to be hung and spaces to fill. We are going to wait until she is home to finish. Like we did for Ty, we are going to buy some Chinese folk art (really cheap) to add in her room.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Cheesey Boy!

Ty is full of personality that radiates JOY. The older he gets, the more it comes out. Lately, if he sees a person has a camera in hand, he has to put on a show. He demands his picture taken and has to put on a cheesey smile as I call it. These pictures were taken on a day when we were organizing Remy's room. That is another post for itself.

Thank You Design Star

On watching a recent episode of HGTV's Design Star, the winner created a room that had a wall flocked with frames she picked up from thrift stores and painted them all the same color. We thought it was a fabulous idea and did our own version of it on a wall that has been bare since we moved in 5 years ago. These frames maybe cost me $5 total and I found some great clothes for Remy and Ty to go along with it. It is SOOO much fun when you shop at thrift stores and score something big at a really great price. I found Remy a Colombia fleece for $1.50 and a London Fog coat for $3.00! They look brand new without the price tag attached. Ty got a holiday vest for $1.00 with the tags still on...Brand Spankin' New!

New Pictures of Remy