Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Our birthmom still has not given birth. She saw the Dr. on Monday and all is well. This is the longest pregnancy she has had so far. She even said she might make it to her due date which is Easter. We want the baby to be born when he is ready and of course healthy, but the wait is hard, especially the closer we get.

China related- We got our appointment to get fingerprinted in St. Louis next Wednesday at 8:00. A very formal document came into the mail saying we must be there at that time or else... This was very weird because last time we had a time frame to get our fingerprints done. I kind of hope our BM will have delivered by then and Wednesday is part of our 72 hour waiting period. We need SOMETHING to make the time pass. I miss STL and have a list of places to go and things to see that we can do while there. I cannot wait until we have our kiddos and can take them to the zoo, science center, city museum...STL has so many great FREE places that are incredible!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

U2 3D

We went to the opening night of the U2 3D movie experience last night with friends from our house church since we are the Joshua Tree House Church Network! It was their "Vertigo" tour shot in South America and it was awesome in 3D! You get to see what it must be like on stage with the band and it beats any tickets I could ever afford.

I saw U2 when I was living in Estes Park, Co in 1992 at Mile High Stadium and it was the best concert ever! It was also the first time I got a parking ticket. Some friends and I went to Boulder before the concert to spend the day and for one of our friends to finalize his divorce..crazy! My 1988 Honda Civic got a parking ticket while parked in front of the court house waiting for our friend to get out of court.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rollar Coaster Madness

This domestic adoption experience is a wild ride of ups and downs, but it looks like our ride might come to an end in the next couple of days/weeks. Praise God!

We got a call from our social worker who spoke with our potential birthmom. She feels like she is going to deliver any day now, so they drew up the "plans" to send to the hospital. The hospital SW is also aware of the protocol. Our BM now does not want to hold the baby and she wants him to stay in the nursery. She is open to us visiting and feeding the little guy.

Please keep us all in your prayers these next couple of days/weeks. We continue to pray for her and this little one. These are anxious times of mixed emotions! We truly appreciate all the prayers so far.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

14 LID and Other Stuff

Monday marked our 14th month of waiting in line for China. It is hard to say how much longer we have, but I say hopefully less then 18 months because I don't want to renew another 171-H!

We got news from our SW that the mom of the 7 month old has decided to work towards getting her parental rights back. It feels good that we at least have some answer now.

We continue to wait on our other birthmom. I spent time with her on Thursday and Friday helping her with her taxes. She said the birthfather does not agree with her adoption plan, but will support her and sign the papers to give up his rights! This was incredible news! She continues to meet with our SW and even wanted to know what we might name the little guy. Now she is saying she doesn't want to hold the baby after he is born. The agency is writing this up to send to the hospital. Hopefully they will do it soon because she feels like she is going to go into labor any day! Lord willing, I hope we have this little guy in our arms soon. We continue to pray for this mom. I cannot imagine what she must be feeling at this time!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I am pretty bummed right now. I wish I could have the optimism as my husband at this time, but things are not looking good for our potential adoptions. Our first birthmom does not want us in the room with her and the baby after delivery. Big red flag and change of heart after wanting us to be in the delivery room and be the first to hold the baby, including her desire not to hold the child! She has not called me for rides or anything in a week and a half now. Not like her.

The other potential mom has not picked up the family profiles from the Fed-Ex office! They have been sitting there for a week now. I am not too sure how to interpret this, but my first thought is she is not serious about making an adoption plan for her child anymore. She is to go to court on Tuesday, so maybe she is wanting to gain her son back.

Please keep us in your prayers. I feel hurt and taken advantage of. I feel like God is putting this bait out for us to see if we are really trusting Him, and then pulling it back in. I am not liking this and ready to be a mom!

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Wait Continues

Well, we are beginning to feel we won't know anything until early next week. We had a large snowfall and many businesses are closed or opening late. I am also beginning to wonder if the birthmom now wants to get her rights back after looking at the family profiles. I don't even know if I could pick a family for my child in a day or two. We continue to pray for our potential birthmoms during this time and pray for peace and patience for ourselves.