Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Our birthmom still has not given birth. She saw the Dr. on Monday and all is well. This is the longest pregnancy she has had so far. She even said she might make it to her due date which is Easter. We want the baby to be born when he is ready and of course healthy, but the wait is hard, especially the closer we get.

China related- We got our appointment to get fingerprinted in St. Louis next Wednesday at 8:00. A very formal document came into the mail saying we must be there at that time or else... This was very weird because last time we had a time frame to get our fingerprints done. I kind of hope our BM will have delivered by then and Wednesday is part of our 72 hour waiting period. We need SOMETHING to make the time pass. I miss STL and have a list of places to go and things to see that we can do while there. I cannot wait until we have our kiddos and can take them to the zoo, science center, city museum...STL has so many great FREE places that are incredible!