Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Singing and Playing with Jim Gill

We use Jim Gill's music at work and he is an amazing performer for children and families. His concerts are truly a family affair. Parents are not allowed to sit and admire their little ones, but be a part of the magical fun. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to attend one of his concerts while he was in town for a fundraiser for an agency who serve children and their families.
Posing on the couch looking really cute!

Ty got his face painted for the first time and wanted a spider from the Zoo Lady. He did really good for her and then began to sing, "The Itsy Bittsy Spider" upon completion.

Give my son a stage and you have a performer. I never know what he is saying or the moves he makes, just call it "interpretive dance".

Easter 2010

What a fun day we had. The day started with breakfast with the family, church (Ty did amazingly well in the beginning...), lunch with the neighbors at our house, nap and the big hunt after we all had some zzzzz's.
It is amazing what a difference a year makes. Last year Ty didn't understand the concept of Easter and hunting for eggs. We couldn't have enough egg hunts to participate in this year!

Traditional family photos.