Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Year

I continue to be amazed at what a year can do when it comes to the little ones. A year ago, this guy despised the snow. A year ago, this little guy WOULD NOT dress in his bulky, winter wear. Don't know if it is rebellion from his time in China dressed in multiple layers, but my little guy likes as little on as possible...even in winter. He is a t-shirt and undies kind of guy.

But this winter brought on a new dimension. He couldn't wait to get out and enjoy all the snow. It was still a struggle getting him dressed and explaining why he couldn't go out in his Crocs and jammies, but we did it!

These shoes have so many stories behind them. I spent a fortune on them back in college, but they have been well worth it. Who knows how many miles they have walked dogs in the snow, mountains they have climbed, rivers they have crossed, canyons they have visited, but they continue to treat me well.

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Love to Ya...

... each and every day!
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Monday, February 07, 2011

Our Rockstar

These pictures are from this past Thanksgiving, but they are the perfect sample of what we encounter each day.
Ty ADORES music, especially drums and the guitar. He found his cousins guitar and we were serenaded on a daily basis. This guitar became his prized possession and we had to hide it at times to give us all a break.

Ty gets so passionate when he sings and he is LOUD. I love the expression in these photos and thought it was genius of him to turn a lamp into a microphone. Only our Ty.