Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ty's Barnyard Bash

Ty celebrated his 3rd birthday on Saturday with a Barnyard Bash with all his family and friends. Since the photos uploaded backwards, we will replay the day a little backwards.
The day ended with a trip to our local Mexican joint where they know us by name. We gave Ty a choice of places to eat and Mexican it was. They sang "Happy Birthday" and we all shared the fried ice cream. It is sooo delicious! Love the cinnamon and crunch!
Each child got to pick a hat of their favorite farm animal as they arrived. They stayed on for the first half of the party but were later discarded. The boys had to find the farm animals in the hay, kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. Needless to say, they enjoyed dumping the recycled paper hay on the floor and playing with it more then hunting for animals. They we all went outside where they had to find all the rubber ducky farm animals that escaped the barn. It was an Easter egg type hunt which brought a lot of curiosity.

Ty was super excited for this birthday party. We had been talking about it for days and he totally understood the concept. Of course he wanted to open the presents first thing and guarded them from his friends if they got close. He even sat patiently while we sang "Happy Birthday". It was such a sweet celebration!

Mrs. Laura brought Ty a wagon which was a major hit to start the party! We have taken MANY wagon rides around the neighborhood! Thank you Laura! What a perfect gift!

Making the cake was a family affair. Ty helped mix the cake and Mommy and Daddy took turns icing and decorating. Oh, the things we do for our children. We figured out we are not bakers, but still refuse to buy a store bought cake. We will see how many years that lasts. The memories make it all worthwhile.