Friday, February 27, 2009

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Posing in the Tub

Ty's paperwork said he DESPISED bath time, but you never would have known it from our experiences with him. The kid LOVES water...especially Jack's water bowl these days. Water fountains, the bathroom sink, the toilet (we have to close the bathroom doors and lid or he will play in the basin), YMCA swimming pool, puddles to splash in...anything that contains water, he is magnetically drawn to. The YMCA staff has even commented on his "natural" abilities in the water. They even said he has a swimmers body like Michael Phelps, long torso and little legs. YEP, that is our boy. It will be interesting to watch as he matures if we have a little "Gator" (local swim team) or "Tri-Gator" (local triathlon club) on our hands.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Now and Then



Look what a difference 5 months can make in the life of a child. Today marks our 5 month anniversary of receiving Ty as a gift from God. Each day is a blessing and he continues to amaze us each day. It is interesting to see new things unfold as time goes by. Ty is a fish in the water and the top picture reminded us of his "like my wet look" photo we posted while in China.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ty's New Trick

"Look what I can reach now!"

"Ah, ha. It worked!"

"Yep, I did it!"

Ty's new trick of opening doors has us on our toes. Places are no longer off limits (the bathroom) or safe as he can reach most door handles in our house. Just this morning he opened the door to our basement and preceded to go down the stairs before I caught him. While he is quite good at going up and down stairs by himself, I am there to assist, just in case.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Are You Hungry?

"Howdy Grandma and Grandpa!"

"Here's a kiss for ya!"

"How about some mini muffins too?"

We continue to encourage Ty's language development and spend a lot of time singing, reading books and talking about various photographs. While enjoying his snack of mini whole wheat, three berry muffins before bed, we looked and talked about his Grandma and Grandpa in Texas photo. Ty immediately kissed the picture and then began to "feed" his grandparents. Priceless.

Where Did It Go?

"Are you ready for some magic?"

Ty hiding his sippy cup.

"Drink anyone?" (His version of the sign "drink")

"Where did the drink go?"

"Wow! The cup reappears!"

We have been using sign language with Ty since the day he came into our lives. It has cut down on a tons of frustration and he clearly enjoys learning new signs. It amazes us how fast he picks new signs up and has fun with them. We finally caught a moment of play (and fun) on camera while staying at the Ronald McDonald House for our post palate surgery check-up.


What happens when mom buys the cheaper version of our favorite brand of diapers? Saggin. Won't do that again. The temperature reached 63 degrees today and we couldn't wait to enjoy an afternoon stroll and playing in the mushy, water logged (just like the diaper) lawn.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Dog Food Bundt Cake Anyone?

Ty enjoys the task of feeding Jack each morning when he wakes up. He meticulously places each wheat free, tooth cleaning kibble into the designated measuring cup to dump into Jack's dish. On this particular day, he took a different approach. We thought his result was quite artistic and genius if we must say!