Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dossier Update

We received this email today and it looks like they are actually looking at our incomplete dossier! This is good news since complete dossier's get priority!

Hi Troy and Amy Roenfanz,

My name is Miranda and I am the Case Aid for the Dossier Department. This is a courtesy email to let you know that I have just finished checking in your dossier, and a response is not necessary. “Check in” ensures that our dossier specialists have all of the required documents needed to complete the critical review of your dossier.

Immigration Update

After emailing (the only way you can contact them) the Chicago USCIS office last Thursday, I came home Tuesday to a message on the answering machine. In my email to USCIS, I told them about our fingerprinting problems and the run-around we had gotten between the FBI and USCIS 1-800 #. I also asked about our possible wait time for the 171-H due to horrible experiences I have been told by people having to go through Chicago. Boy, was I excited to get a response in a timely manner. The lady who left the message said they are processing paperwork received on July 17th and our paperwork was received Aug. 4th. We still don't know where that leaves us in wait times, but at least we have a little bit of information to work with.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Some Good News!

We sent our incomplete Dossier (still waiting on the 171-H) on Thursday via USPS Express Mail and got the message below on Friday! CCAI will review the incomplete dossier's, time permitting to check for any errors. This will speed up the process once we mail our 171-H! We are praying for no errors and a speedy delivery for our 171-H. We have waited 4 weeks so far and people are saying Chicago takes about 10 weeks to process. Keep on praying everyone!

Troy & Amy,

Congratulations! Your dossier has arrived at our office!

Your dossier will now go through the following steps:
Check-in: Your dossier package is checked to ensure all necessary dossier items are present. If your package is missing any item(s), we will notify you without delay. If all dossier items are present, we will begin the review of your dossier! Please do not be alarmed if your fees are not processed immediately; they are handed to the Accounting Department and are applied to your account on a different timeline than the rest of your dossier.

Critical Review and Translation: Your dossier will be here for 9-11 business days if it is complete and problem-free. During the critical review process, your dossier is looked through 3 full times for any mistakes or errors. This review includes a careful inspection of the document in terms of content and format, possible translation problems, and dates. A thorough check of the notarization, certification, and authentication pages are also made at this time just to make sure all is in perfect order. We will notify you by phone or email once this step is complete.

**PLEASE NOTE: Precedence for review is given to complete dossiers so that we can send them to China as soon as possible. Incomplete dossiers may be reviewed within this timeframe, however it cannot be guaranteed. The 9-11 business day timeline for critical review and translation begins once your dossier is complete.

When the critical review is finished, a summary translation of your dossier is completed, making sure the most important information is easy to locate when your dossier is received by the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) in China. This also helps decrease the chance this important information is misinterpreted during the full translation of your dossier in China.

Binding: Your dossier is bound in a red folder, with your photos mounted, and your documents carefully lined up and ordered according to the CCAA’s preference.

Mailing: Lastly, your dossier will be carefully packaged and sent to China via international express mail!

Remember, we are as anxious as you are to get your dossier to China and will keep you posted every step of the way!

We’ll be in touch soon,

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Still Waiting...

I know we havn't posted in a while, but there is not any new news on the adoption front. We are still waiting for the infamous 171-H to come in. It will be 1 month this Wednesday since we had our fingerprints done. I have been told it will be 2-10 weeks before we get our 171-H, so it is our prayer that we will be closer to the 4-6 week side! September 18th is our 6 month anniversary in this paperchase. Most people are done in 4-6 months, but it is out of our hands at the moment. We had everything done by the end of May, it is just waiting on all the other govermental agencies for their part! Please pray that the USCIS (Immigration) and the CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs) speed up their processing times so we can bring our babies home!