Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun With Ms. Linda

Ty has has weekly speech therapy starting this past April. It has been amazing to think he has gone from a sign vocabulary of maybe 25 signs, saying 2 words (Mama and No) and now having a vocabulary of over 50 signs and 100 words! We give a bunch of the credit to us working with him through songs, books, talking to him and plain old play, but Ms. Linda, our speech therapist has been a blessing. Ty runs to the door when Ms. Linda comes over to play and helps her bring in the toys. Ty radiates with joy and excitement when she comes over and loves to play with her toys. It is "play with a purpose" and he strives for the sounds/words we want him to say. Ty is so engaged with Ms. Linda's toys that we do not want to duplicate them at home so he will look forward to her visits.

Ty found the Mardi Gras beads at the bottom of Ms. Linda's bag and dumped them out on the floor. I am not sure how Ms. Linda uses the Mardi Gras beads because Ty went silent due to being so engrossed. Ms. Linda and I sat back and watched him play. By the way, it was at the end of his session so we were not concerned with him being mute.

Ty seemed to be starving during this therapy session and helped himself to a snack of almost gone puffs.

I love the look on his face with all the crumbs!

Ty helping himself to a little tea!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Round 2

We got word today that our application to begin the journey for another Chinese Waiting Child was accepted. We have requested a girl between the ages of 0-2. The current wait for a girl with minor special needs is approximately 18-24 months so the timing is right for us. God knows who our daughter is and we patiently wait (and put together our dossier) while we continue to cherish our little Ty who has been the greatest blessing!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Ty likes to tumble at home so we enrolled him in toddler gymnastic classes at our Y. They were offering a buy one get one free deal so the price was right, but the timing may be off. While he participated in the class, he didn't show the same joy and excitement to go each week as he did KinderMusik or even BabyTALK Times at the library. The teachers were college students home for summer break and were wonderful with Ty, but he was missing that spark. So we are going to wait until he is 3 before we enroll him again. I have noticed a true gymnastic center is offering a free trial class so we might check that out to compare the two. We want to encourage Ty's gifts, but want him to have fun too. At this time, it looks like we have a singer/musician/dancer on our hands.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Growing up, my dad's mother offered some type of bean at every meal. This was a big joke in our family with the following question after every visit, "What type of bean did you have with your meal?" If it wasn't green beans, it was navy beans, pinto beans, black-eyed peas, lima name it. Luckily I like beans and their nutritious value. While we do not have them at every meal in our household, they are a popular part of our diet.

We are blessed Ty has a great respect and love for beans. He can eat them straight out of the can as displayed above. Kidney beans are a favorite snack and hummus too.

Once again, I am amazed how a child that is not biological is so much like his Mom and Dad. Another example of God at work.

Time Out Madness

Our little guy has begun to put himself in time out for things I wouldn't put him in for. We give him 2 warnings and then it is time out time. Some things are automatic TO like hitting the dog with the golf club. On this particular evening, Ty put himself in TO before he even did anything. I began to wonder if TO is really effective for him. Then he did it...started chasing Jack around the house with golf club in mid-air, swinging it back and forth. That was enough. Luckily Jack was not hit, but we will not tolerate the teasing. So TO it was and this is what we got:

The tears...

... and more tears. Ty did apologize to Jack.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Water, Water, Water

It is hard to believe our little guy's paperwork said he despised bath time and anything to do with water. Our second day with him, we took him to the baby pool at the hotel and he was a champ. Was his bath water too cold? Where there not any toys? We will never know, but we do know we better beware if water is near.
I bought plastic tubs earlier in the spring and filled one with sand and the other was for water. After an evening of watching Mom and Dad practicing open water swims in our local lake, Ty decided it was his turn to get wet at home. He plopped himself right inside the container despite his pool on the other side of the deck filled with water.

Another one of those smiles that melts my heart. (By the way, we sent this outfit to him in a care package to China. Ty also wore this outfit on the day we received him. To say the least, this was the last day he wore this outfit as it is now in safe keeping for Mom to create her magic.)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

George Goes Swimming

After our diaper dilemma, Ty decided George needed to put on his Elmo undies and plastic diaper protectors. He was all set and ready to go...

... SWIMMING!!! Ty is showing off his free-style while George is floating on his back.