Monday, August 24, 2009


Ty likes to tumble at home so we enrolled him in toddler gymnastic classes at our Y. They were offering a buy one get one free deal so the price was right, but the timing may be off. While he participated in the class, he didn't show the same joy and excitement to go each week as he did KinderMusik or even BabyTALK Times at the library. The teachers were college students home for summer break and were wonderful with Ty, but he was missing that spark. So we are going to wait until he is 3 before we enroll him again. I have noticed a true gymnastic center is offering a free trial class so we might check that out to compare the two. We want to encourage Ty's gifts, but want him to have fun too. At this time, it looks like we have a singer/musician/dancer on our hands.