Friday, July 31, 2009

George Needs a Diaper

One day, Ty decided George needed to wear diapers too. So Mama gave him a diaper just like Ty's.

But then George needed a diaper change after he pooped per Ty.

On goes the new diaper while George does a handstand.

But George isn't cooperating and the little guy is not happy.

So he throws a fit out of frustration.
FRUSTRATION... How do you deal with a child who is easily frustrated? This is where Ty is just like his mama. My mother will tell you that I was easily frustrated as a child and it still remains as an adult, just in a different manner...I think. Ty gets upset if he cannot accomplish a task right away or if his toys are not cooperating in the proper manner. For example, he will shove all toy food possible in his microwave kitchen set and then get so mad when the door will not shut. The problem is, he doesn't give up! He is determined to make things work even when it is impossible. Any suggestions for an easily frustrated mom with an easily frustrated child?

Ty and His MeMe's

This photo was shot back in June after Ty fell asleep in the car on the way home from an afternoon wedding on one of the hottest days of the summer. We placed him in his crib for a short nap before we headed off to the reception... we honestly needed to shower it was so hot. When we went to wake him up, this is what we precious. Ty has a handful of MeMe's, his word for babies that bring him comfort. We have accumulated MeMe's as gifts from friends (some homemade) and a few from hospitals. The bear he is hugging was a gift from Shriner's in Chicago when we went for our consultation. His MeMe's are scattered throughout his crib and he throws them out when in the mood. Each day brings new sleeping friends. We hear him throwing his friends on the floor when we are downstairs. It is always an interesting sight to see which MeMe's are on the floor and which get the honor of sleeping with him.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Dancing King

Ty attended his first wedding back in June when Troy married a couple from our house church network. It was an outdoor wedding on a very HOT and HUMID day. He managed to sit through 1/2 of the wedding before he got antsy, but got all his wiggles out dancing at the reception. As I have said before, this little guy recognizes beats and music instantly grasps his attention. The dance floor was very quiet during the reception while the music played, but Ty made his way to investigate several times. Finally, he found a partner to dance with him and the floor soon became filled with participants, mainly children.

Look at the smile on his face. Such pure joy and determination!

A little slow dance for you.

Happy dancing feet!

And more dancing feet!

It's Potty Time!

Ty pooped in his potty for the first time today! The whole potty issue has seen its ebb and flow. Some days he wants to sit on his potty for 2 seconds, will tell me he pooped and needs his diaper changed, or nothing at all. I am not pushing him in this area just yet, but follow his lead. While eating his afternoon snack of Craisens, he says "poop". I ask him if he would like to sit on his potty and he says "Yes!" A few minutes later, surprise! We did a potty dance, some high 5's and he got a sticker which made him proud!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Back in June when we flew of out St. Louis to go back to Texas, we made a stop through our old neighborhood. We truly miss this area. So many great memories. This is where Troy and I started our marriage...put down roots, our first place together besides my apartment in Austin we lived in for 3 weeks before the big move. Since we would be living off my salary while Troy was in seminary, he sold his truck and we were left with my Civic. He rode his bike to seminary each day or I took him before work on the bad weather days. We were so poor, but so appreciative...but we made it. We grocery shopped at the seminary food bank on the designated days and then went off to ALDI and Soulard Farmers Market for the extras. Because our apartment was old and not energy efficient, our gas and power bills were almost as much as our $390 rent payments. I thought rent was a steal coming from Texas where my rent for a one bedroom was $570 in the early 90's! Our neighborhood was across the street from the Saint Louis Zoo and Forest Park(bigger then New York's Central Park). This was our new backyard along with Turtle Park. We rode our bikes, ran and walked the dogs in the park. We even had a loop around the zoo so Joey, our poodle at the time, could see her "zoo friends", the zebras, flamingos and other fury beasts. Oh, the memories. It was such an incredible place to walk and admire the architecture of the houses, meet new neighbors, have a cup of coffee at the coffee shop, enjoy a hamburger at Seamus McDaniel's, and celebrate on St. Patrick's Day. Since we were the "Irish/Catholic" neighborhood in STL, St. Patty's Day turned our quiet and quaint neighborhood into party central. There was a parade, beer and lots of food. Our neighborhood soon became a party for over 100,000 people! Helicopters would fly over, it was so bazaar!
This is where we got our dogs groomed, just a walk down the convenient.

Our apartment. We lived in the top right complex. Our little Joey would sit in the window and look out. She was known as the "little doggie in the window". Unfortunately, we lost her when she was 5 due to a major back injury we think was caused by her jumping off the window sill.

New porches at the back of our apartment. Ours was not covered and did not meet code. Not a good place for young children or lots of people on a wild night.

New flags to highlight our neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Conquering the Catwalk

Mo Ranch has a well engineered catwalk with see through grates that takes you from one side of the camp to the other. I couldn't tell you the length or height, but you get some incredible views of the Texas Hill Country. Troy is afraid of heights and it was his goal this year to cross the catwalk with his son. Of course Ty was in his stroller and enjoyed the vibrations of the grates as Troy pushed his way across with great speed. Ty was yelling, "Go, go!" cheering his dad on the entire way across. A glimpse of the catwalk from our cabin.

The grates you can see through which makes it even scarier for Troy.
"On your mark, get set, go!"

Nephew Patrick peering over the catwalk saying hello.

And he did it! Victory!

And More Ballons

In addition to water balloons, Ty got to experience his first punch balloon. I don't know the technical name for it, but you know, the kind with the long rubber band at the end that tests your coordination. The two cousins spent a good amount of time making up their own ideas of what to do with a punchy balloon. It became a soccer ball, an exercise ball and a good ole time creating laughter and smiles balloon. Just look at the intensity on their faces!

Balloons With Water?

During our trip to Mo Ranch in Texas, Ty had his first exposure to water balloons. The little guy loves balloons regardless of what kind, but the idea these were filled with water was a new concept. The different shapes, colors and the squishy feeling was something to be explored.

"What is inside this thing?"

"These balloons are pretty cool until they break in my face!"

"Get ready boys. Here comes double trouble."

"And more trouble."