Saturday, February 16, 2008

14 LID and Other Stuff

Monday marked our 14th month of waiting in line for China. It is hard to say how much longer we have, but I say hopefully less then 18 months because I don't want to renew another 171-H!

We got news from our SW that the mom of the 7 month old has decided to work towards getting her parental rights back. It feels good that we at least have some answer now.

We continue to wait on our other birthmom. I spent time with her on Thursday and Friday helping her with her taxes. She said the birthfather does not agree with her adoption plan, but will support her and sign the papers to give up his rights! This was incredible news! She continues to meet with our SW and even wanted to know what we might name the little guy. Now she is saying she doesn't want to hold the baby after he is born. The agency is writing this up to send to the hospital. Hopefully they will do it soon because she feels like she is going to go into labor any day! Lord willing, I hope we have this little guy in our arms soon. We continue to pray for this mom. I cannot imagine what she must be feeling at this time!