Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Kiddos New Rooms

There was a lot of room switch-a-roo in our house back in early August. With the help of Amy's mom who was still around, Troy's office became the guest bedroom, the old guest bedroom became Remy's room and Ty's convertible bed and dresser were moved to Remy's room. All of this and furniture building was done in a day! That left Ty needing new goods. While up in Chicago for a cleft team appointment, we went to IKEA and bought him a new dresser, bed/mattress, and curtains. We were not ready to paint Remy's room, so we decided to leave it the light sky blue that it is. It goes really well with what we already have and is relaxing. These pictures don't do the true colors of the rooms justice. Ty's room is apple green, and is so versatile.

The red IKEA dresser. Audrey and Amy had to convince Troy the color was going to work.

Yes, we broke the rules. Our child is 3 and sleeps in a bunk bed. It is not that high and he is surrounded on all sides. We can put a mattress of the bottom later on, but now it is a play area/storage for all his blankets and "babies".

Banner for Remy's room. Just like Ty's.

Found this stand at Hobby Lobby on clearance. Thought the colors went very well with the room.

Dresser and butterflies on wall. Found these butterflies at Dollar Tree for $1.

Banner and crib. Still looking for a crib skirt. Looks like I am going to go online to find something since you cannot find them individually in the stores.

Remy's room is still a work in progress. There are pictures to be hung and spaces to fill. We are going to wait until she is home to finish. Like we did for Ty, we are going to buy some Chinese folk art (really cheap) to add in her room.

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