Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Tale of Two Nurses

Note: This is not Remy's rear. This is an example from Google Images.

During our recent visit to the hospital ER for Remy, we gave the opportunity for 2 nurses to be educated.

Nurse #1 as he was holding Remy in the fetal position while doctor is performing the spinal tap: "Please tell me about those bruises and how they happened?"
Me: "Those are not bruises, they are Mongolian spots, common among Asian children. If only you knew the background checks I had to go through to bring this child home."
Nurse #1: "Interesting."

This was the same nurse that told me they were going to do the spinal tap to test for meningitis and if she had it, she would die. Not a lot of tact or empathy. Just strait forward, which is how I usually like it, but not in this situation.

Nurse #2 as he was preparing to draw blood and I was changing a diaper on a very wiggly girl: "Are those Mongolian spots?"
Me: "Yes they are. As you can see, she is covered in them on her little back side."
Nurse #2: "Wow! We talked about these in nursing school, but I have never seen them in person."
Me: "The other nurse questioned me about potential child abuse."
Nurse #2: "He graduated from nursing school over 20 years ago. "


Brian and Ruth said...

Little did we know that the challenges were not just the paperwork getting our babies home, but the ones in our very own Dr offices - where we are usually trusting! Ugh!!! We feel like we have to preface to any medical facility before undressing Abigail about the spots. AND...Abigail's bottom looks just like Remy's too.

My parents usually call them bruises of which I have tried to educate them extensively - yet again they are 'old school' born 75-80 yrs ago. I guess understandable considering their age.

Glad to see Remy is doing better!
Ruth and Brian

Alyson and Ford said...

A thought: We asked for photos of AA's spots be included in her permanent file - we don't always get the same Doctor or Nurse...

Just to make you feel good - we had two hospitals refuse to see a couple of children because the parent did not bring proof of adoption at the time of the appointment. Even though "proof" was never required or requested in making the appointment. Didn't matter that they had insurance cards, etc. Of course, if the child LOOKED like mom or dad - no questions asked. Glad to report this practice was brought to a screaming halted.

Hope all continues to go well! You guys going to go for THREE!?! :)