Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Forever Family "Gotcha" Day 2008

Amy, Ty & Troy with Orphanage Director (Left) and Nanny (Right)

Amy and Ty waiting for Adoption Photos for Visa & Passport

Troy & Ty after Adoption Photos

Ty playing on Mommy & Daddy's Bed

Amy & Yisha taking Ty's Footprints for Paperwork

Ty taking his afternoon nap on Mommy & Daddy's Bed

Troy and Ty sitting on floor together before Bedtime

Amy and Ty reading together before Bedtime

Troy: What a great day in our lives! Ty arrives! After having a great breakfast and lots of coffee downstairs, Amy and I got ready and went down to wait for the babies to arrive in Mama Mia's Restaurant. When we arrived, Ty and his orphanage director and nanny were already there with him. We all got emotional as Ty was handed over to us for the first time with camera's popping all around. Ty has been absolutely amazing. No crying or whining so far. Just laid back and even keel. He has an absolutely sweet disposition. Everyone was marveling at how easy going he was today. Amy and I had a lot of fun today kissing is cheeks, playing, laughing and giving him a bath for the first time. It's a day, we won't soon forget!
Amy: All of this is very surreal. We are blessed beyond belief. Ty was the only child who did not cry when placed in their families arms. You could tell he was somewhat guarded, but took all of the commotion in. As Troy was filling out the paperwork, he started to smile as he was putting his jelly candy that he came with in his hands between the handle of the photo album we sent him in our care package. It was a little game like basketball. He has been absolutely amazing today with smiles, laughter, eating and drinking well and even having a bath. We were told he does not like his bath and he made a little noise when placed in the water, but I got in with him and it was no big deal after that. We played some more after his bath, read some books, had some milk in his sippy cup and laid him in his crib and that was the end of his day. No fussing, no crying, just easy peasy! I praise God for the people at Swallow's Nest because they prepared him well for us. It was like he already knew who we were today.


Clay said...

Thanks, I love to hear this. It's been a rough week. We have a tiny one in the hospital and a zillion other things going down. This made my day. Love, Pam

themattman said...

I am so happy for you both. God is so Great! Can't wait to see you all home safe.

themattman said...

I am so happy for you both. God is so Great! Can't wait to see you all home safe.

Audrey said...

Dear Amy and Troy,
The tears are flowing as I see our new grandson for the first time. He is beautiful in our sight and we can't wait to get to know him personally. Congratulations on becoming a "forever family." Blessings to all of you in the days ahead.
Love, Audrey

Mark and Terri said...

Congratulations! He is such a cutie.
Terri & Mark
LID 11-23-06

K. said...

I am sooooooooo happy for you! Ty is adorable! What a blessing!


Born Blonde said...

I am so happy for you. And jealous. :) Can't wait for our turn. Enjoy every moment!

LID 11-23-06

Lisa said...

YEAH!!!! We are so excited to see these picture of Ty in your arms! So awesome!!!! :) :)

Love, Lisa

Lisa said...

YEAH!!!! We are so excited to see these picture of Ty in your arms! So awesome!!!! :) :)

Love, Lisa

Andy & Amy Leong said...

Congratulations Amy and Troy! Sounds like Ty handled it all well. Have a great time in ZZ. Gunzghou will be even better.


Katie said...

Hey! I was getting ready to leave for work this morning when your neighbor brought over a picture of the three of you from the blog! CONTRATULATIONS! You all look so happy! I can't wait to meet him! God bless and take care!
In Christ,

P.S. Jack says "hi" and that he misses mommy & daddy, but is having fun with Katie. He is doing fine. Not thrilled that I have to leave to go to work/school every day, but we are adjusting. Have stories to tell you when you return. God bless!

kristie said...

He looks a little like Troy. We are so excited for you. Have a safe trip. Love Scott and Kristie

Anonymous said...