Friday, September 05, 2008

Our To Do List

It is hard to believe we leave for China in less then a week! Our "To Do" List is changing each day as we cross things off and add new ones. So far I have sent our $ to cover our In-China travel expenses this morning, filled out paperwork to add Ty to our insurance and set up an appointment with an international adoption pediatrician in St. Louis in October. I am really looking forward to this Dr. appointment. Dr. Jennifer Ladage is an adopted mom herself to 3 children including a son with cleft lip and palate. It will be wonderful to learn from her since she has been there done that.

We had our travel conference call on Thursday and spoke with Josh who co-founded CCAI with his wife Lilly. This call once again reiterated how wonderful CCAI is and the people who work for them. We are so grateful we chose them as our agency.