Saturday, September 20, 2008

Water Day

Amy and Ty looking over a pond bridge at Local Zhengzhou Park

Ty pointing out fish at Zhengzhou Ocean Aquarium

Yo - I know I'm cute in pictures, but wait till you meet me in person!

Ty having fun at bath time

Hey Girls - Check out my sexy "wet" look

Troy: Hey everyone! We are doing fine in Zhengzhou. We have been with Ty a full five days now. He is really bonding with us. He does something silly and looks at us for our approval. We have gotten more and more laughs, hugs, smiles and giggles out this amazing little boy. I still have to pinch myself everyday to be reminded that he's our forever son. What an amazing gift of God! Thank you, Jesus! I know I am biased, but this boy is beyond cute. Girls beware! Just wait till you meet him in person, he'll blow you away with those cute smiles and amazing kissable cheeks.
Today was Water Day! We went to the beautiful Zhengzhou Ocean Aquarium in the north part of the city. Ty had a great time being at eye level with all the wonderful fish and turtles and even sharks! He would put out his little finger and go "ooh, ooh". We finish off the experience with some chocolate ice cream in the aquarium restaurant. After that we took a Zhengzhou Taxi Ride back to the hotel. They drive crazy over here! We all held on and prayed for God's deliverance as the bicycles and scooters are cutting across our path. So, after the aquarium, Ty took at nap and then we went swimming in the hotel pool. We've found that Ty absolutely loves the water. He keeps splashing around in the pool and smiling. After swimming, we went to dinner with the other families and came back for Ty's daily bath. He loves bath time as you can see from the above photos. Tommorrow is our last day in Zhengzhou. We are visiting the Shaolin Temple, northwest of the the city. It has beautiful sites and a great kung-fu show. Tommorrow afteroon, we pack up to take a 1.5-2.0 hour flight south to Guangzhou and get Ty's Immigration Papers ready at the American Consulate General. We'll keep you posted! Bye!