Tuesday, September 02, 2008

BabyTALK in the News!

Yes, the company I work for made national news with the recent announcement of Sarah Palin's pregnant teen daughter. I was the Teen Parent Educator until August when I decided to give up that part of my job to be home with Ty. Deb called me yesterday with the news and wanted to know if I knew a teen mom that would be willing to be interviewed. The young lady I suggested has a similar story to Bristol Palin and agreed to be featured. I received the following email from our PR/Development Director:

Last night, Baby TALK in Decatur, Illinois received a call from the CBS Morning Show production company from New York. Due to the recent announcement of Sarah Palin’s teen daughter, this morning’s show is focusing on teen pregnancy and the resources available to this population. The Morning Show found Baby TALK’s information online, and due to our success in working with teen parents, contacted us as “experts”. We were initially invited to fly to New York to appear in the studio live this morning but, due to the flight schedules, the show decided to conduct the interview via satellite.

At 5:30 AM on Tuesday, September 2nd, we met a production company at Central Christian Church (where our teen program is housed) to set up for a live interview that will air this morning at 8:30 AM Central Time. Baby TALK Program Director Deb Widenhofer was interviewed, along with one of the teen moms we have worked with.

As the nation focuses its attention on teen pregnancy and all the politics surrounding the issue, our mission remains the same: to positively impact child development and nurture healthy parent-child relationships during the early critical years… regardless of age, socio economic status, education, or background.