Sunday, September 14, 2008

We Made It!

Rickshaw Ride on the Hutong Tour

Tiannamen Square

The Forbidden City

The Great Wall

The Bird's Nest at Beijing Olympic Park with Paralympic Games Flame

Amy: We made it safely to Beijing and are VERY tired. Thank you so much for all your prayers. We have been so blessed beyond belief with easy travel (smooth is a better word ), wonderful travel mates, the opportunity to tour the beautiful Beijing, drink the best coffee we have ever had and lay our tired bodies on a comfortable bed in a lovely room each night. Our schedule has been extremely packed since we landed which is why we haven't posted. A quick list of activities include: Tiannamen Square, Forbidden City, Hutong tour, acrobatics show, tour of a silk, jade and cloisonne factory, climbing the Great Wall and eating authentic meals. We leave tomorrow for Zhengzhou and get Ty on Tuesday. There is so much to write about I could be here for hours. Just know that are grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to share this experience with Ty as he grows. Enjoy a snapshot of all that we have experienced.
Troy: I just want to say "hi" as well. We had a great plane ride over to Beijing. Definately, 13 hours straight in a plane is alot, but we made it and it is so worth it. China is awesome! Awesome people. Awesome sites. Awesome experiences. The last two days have been breath-taking as we have seen sites that I dreamed of seeing when I was a young boy. Definately, dreams coming true over here. We're ready, Lord willing, to come back again and get a daughter. Thank you for all your support and continued prayers. We will continue to blog as we get a chance to catch our breath. Next up, we get Ty on Tuesday! All our love!


Meechalala said...

WOW!!!! What a beautiful place! We miss you, but we are so happy for you. We are on our way to see your other baby. It is raining so hard here that it is coming down sideways, literally. Amy, when you are surfing the net, make sure you check out , as there are some updates you will find. As of Tuesday, between Ty and Celeste, our church has grown over 10% in one week. How many other churches can say that?

God speed to all three of you. We love you!

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