Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Registration Day

Ty enjoying his Kix and Cheerios while playing.

Ty's pants and diaper falling off as he pulls himself up.

And he made it!

Troy and Ty reading bedtime stories.

Panda is in the crib...

And Panda falls out.

Ty slowly waking up this morning with his book.

Amy and Ty at Henan Center for Adoption Affairs.

It is official. Ty is ours.

Ty enjoying the baby pool at the hotel.

Troy and Ty drying off.

Amy: It was another eventful day with Ty waking up around 6:30. He was still groggy and laid in bed with me for another hour for cuddle time. We then went for breakfast at the hotel and he enjoyed his congee, yogurt, noodles and steamed bread. The boy likes his carbohydrates. We are still keeping him on similar foods during this time as he continues to have so many changes in his life. After breakfast was the walk to the registration office. It was here that Ty legally became ours in a very informal ceremony. Then we hit the baby pool. Ty LOVED the water with his stacking cups which has become his favorite toy we bought. They would sink to the bottom and he stuck his head in the water to retrieve! We were shocked. It was also during the pool time that he wanted to walk. We still had on a regular diaper which of course was heavy as could be, but we were grateful for it since it added extra weight he needed to drag. Ty has low muscle tone and can pull himself up, but is still very unstable. He enjoyed himself walking in the pool to gather his toys. After this, the boy had a 2 hour nap and lunch of rice cereal and yogurt. At 3:00, our travel group took a bus to the Lotus Center. It is a 3 story Super Walmart type with conveyor belts that take you up each level. Your shopping cart is magnetized which keeps it in place while you go up and down. It was an interesting experience as we roamed the isles and picked up a few stacks and more diapers for Ty. Then we came back to the room for some more playtime before dinner. We were tired and didn't want to leave the hotel. This became a good thing since Ty had a major blowout at dinner and had poop all over his clothes, shoes and high chair. Troy picked him up and got poop all over himself. We attempted to wash him up in the restroom, but it was occupied, so we rushed to the room and put him in the tub. The hotel later came to our room to present us with our bill. We thought we handled the situation pretty good considering all things. Once again, we were grateful we were close and not someplace else. The theme of the day with our travel companions is "blowout day", so Ty was right in line. Tomorrow, Ty is getting diluted orange juice instead of apple juice. Ty continues to blossom and grow in his comfort with us each day. We have gotten more smiles and lots of giggles we captured on video which we will upload probably tomorrow. Ty is also exploring more of our hotel room and pulling himself up on furniture. As always, he is a blessing. We have discovered he prefers his left hand and can use his right (like his mom), gets frustrated when he cannot do/get something (like his mom), is patient and easy going in new situations(like his dad) and likes his books (like his dad).


Robin said...

Holy Smokes! I cannot express the happiness I am feeling for the 3 of you right now. Thank you for the pictures- you have made my week! We love you guys and can't wait to meet Ty in person!!!

Lisa said...

Hey Amy! Make sure you buy gifts in his home province for later (graduation, wedding, etc). Those have been priceless to us to have!

Enjoying watching your excitement and seeing little Ty! We are very excited for you!

Lisa P.

Meechalala said...

Dear Ty,

We are so excited that you, Mommy and Daddy are finally together! We can't wait for you to come home so we can all meet you. Come home soon! We all already love you!!

Matt, Michelle, Jake and Sam

Eric B. said...

Hi Guys, There are so many emotions I feel right now. I am sure nothing compared to how you guys feel. So much joy and excitement. Love the poop story. God's Blessings on the remainder of your travels until your FAMILY is home again. Eric B.

m_offermann said...

Congratulations you guys! We have been thinking and praying for you lots. I was at F3 last night in Amy Mrosko's group and she started crying when she was talking about you guys and passing around pictures she'd printed off of here! Brought tears to my eyes too! We love you and know that you have received such a blessing into your lives!

Can't wait to meet Ty face to face!

Love, Michelle

Lisa Wilbanks said...

Hey Troy and Amy,

I am finally a Great Aunt, Great Aunt CeCe. I am so happy for you both and of course Ty. I think of you often and read your site all the time. You guys will make great parents and have so much to look forward to showing your little one. Much love, Aunt CeCe, Uncle Bob and Sebastian

Anonymous said...