Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Guangzhou Sauna

View from our hotel room.

"Smell my feet and I will honk your nose."

This picture speaks for itself.

This picture too speaks for itself.

Ty looking cute in his new stroller.

" I love my scrambled eggs!"

Ty posing in the playroom at the hotel.

Ty and Dad playing basketball.

Our hotel is on the Pearl River. There is a lot of barge traffic.

The infamous waterfall at the White Swan Hotel.

Amy: We made it to Guangzhou fairly well. Being Ty's first plane ride, he survived the first 2/3 of the trip. The last 1/3 was around his nap time, they had just served us lunch (a 2 hr. flight with lunch and 2 drink services. Never in the US!) and we were descending. He had enough and screamed bloody murder for probably 30 minutes. Nothing worked and we got the stares. Hopefully the flight home will be better.

It is a nice change to be in Guangzhou, but it is HOT and HUMID! Very nasty! The type that drains you. We are to get the wind and rain from a typhoon tomorrow, so we might find ourselves indoors a lot more. There is a nice playroom which is a good distraction with lots of other adoptive families to talk to and share stories. It is amazing the number of adoptive families that are at the White Swan. The Shamin Island which we are on totally caters to all of us. There are stores galore with American names like Jordan's, Susan's, Jessica's, Andy's Place etc. that have all sorts of Chinese merchandise. Very interesting.

Ty got his Visa photo taken today, had a medical examination which he despised and Troy finished up all the paperwork with our guide. It feels good to be nearing the end and getting rid of money. I never thought I would say that, but... we had to take a large amount of cash to pay for all the required adoption related expenses and it is not fun being responsible for it.

We LOVE being Ty's parents. He is truly comfortable with us and recognizes us as Mom and Dad. He is fascinated with the features of our face and loves to touch them and play little games. The boy loves to eat. Today he discovered Gerber Graduates Puffs in Cherry flavor. He keeps pointing and grunting at the canister so much that we had to hide them. Right now we are working on please, thank you and more in sign language so we can phase out the grunts.


The Stark Family said...

Hey Troy and Amy!

I am loving keeping up with your blog! Congratulations on sweet little Ty. I wanted to make quick mention of something you said about your airplane experience! I am sure you already know this (my dad is a pilot so I get these facts from him) but the decent is the part of the flight where ears feel the most pressure. Many times babies don't have problems acending in a plane, but will have a horrible time decending. If you can get him to suck (like a pacifier) or eat (like a bottle or even sippy cup if he doesn't use a bottle anymore) it may help with your next flight. I know how stressful that is--I'm sorry! (forgive me if you already knew that and tried all those things and they didn't work!) It could be worse. Last time I flew with Mary, she projectile vomited all over me, herself, and the isle. I did not have spare clothes for either of us and I was by myself with her. I stripped her to her diaper and had to sit the rest of the flight in vomit soaked clothes, stinking up the whole plane. Yuck!

Brianne Stark

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