Friday, April 03, 2009

Tri-Gator in the Making

"Why can't I get in the water?"

"Why does Daddy look like that?"

"Run, baby run!"

"Let me fix the bike to my satisfaction."

"Where are the pedals?"

A couple of weeks ago, Troy competed in a local indoor time trial type triathlon sponsored by the Tri-Gators, the triathlon club he helped find. Each participant had to swim, bike and run for ten minutes and the person with the most distance was the winner. Troy took 2nd and Ty and I were there to cheer dad on. This was the first tri Ty has witnessed and he was a little confused. He wondered why he couldn't swim, bike and run with daddy, but we let him do his duathlon after the event was over. Ty was fascinated by the bikes and running is at the top of his list these days, especially if he is chasing Jack.