Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Power of Words

Ty said "No" for the first time on Monday morning and I was a proud moma. I always give him a few munchies to nibble on while I fix his breakfast and I put a few cheerios on his tray. He said "No" and I clapped my hands and said, "Great talking!" Ty wanted Craisens instead. He also said "Egg" as I was making scrambled eggs. He is getting into the stage of "no" and while some moms might be dreading this time, I am rejoicing. Out little man is right on track. Right on track and beyond. We had Ty evaluated a couple of months ago for early intervention services. He qualified for speech since he was at the 10 month mark, but was beyond his age in everything else! Ty now gets speech therapy once a week and developmental therapy twice a month that focuses on speech and vocabulary building. We are so blessed by Miss Betty and Miss Linda. Their toys are a blast to play with. Ty is starting to babble more and attempting to imitate our sounds and words on occasion. "Uh-oh", "mama" and "yaya" (daddy) are still the 3 words that are used the most and clear.


T n' W said...

Don't ya just love it! Every new word is so exciting. Sophie learned la, la, la, and Oohh this week. And it's so cool that like no one else knows what they're saying but mommy. Ty is absolutly adorable. And the signing.....very impressive.
Have a great week.


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