Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter...A Little Late

Our Family Picture. Ty had an itch on his back, hence the arm movement.

Ty's Easter Basket full of bubbles, a kazoo, Melissa and Doug Puzzle and a few eggs with Mr. Potato Head parts.

"The Biggest Egg...Mr. Potato Head"

Ty taking a break from hunting eggs while watching the Masters.

Ty with his new puzzle.

Ty found an egg!

These are some pictures from Easter, a little late, but we have been busier then normal. Troy's dad came for a visit and Ty enjoyed the Easter goodies, but did not quite understand the entire hunting for eggs concept. Funny since he understood Halloween more then we thought he would. Maybe it was the lack of candy. Instead of hiding eggs filled with the sugary stuff, I bought a Mr. Potato Head and hid the accessories inside the eggs with the addition of a few pennies and quarters to add to the piggy bank. The day was gloomy and we decided to hunt for eggs inside our house after his nap since Troy went for a run in the morning with his Tri-Gator friends, breakfast and off to the big church (we decided to cancel our organic church, not "house church" anymore since it can be in other places besides our house) and then home for lunch with our organic church family. It was an eventful day, but Ty found time for fun between his nap and watching the Masters.