Saturday, April 04, 2009

Rain, Rain...Oh, My!

"Here's a kiss for you!" (Ty is on the window screen.)


"Oh, I need to give you another smooch!"

"Hah, Hah!"

"Oh, the rain,the joy of simplicity!"

It is officially Spring, but the weather goes back and forth between blustery days of a wintry mix of rain/snow, to rain, to snow, to beautiful 65 degree sun filled days. We are now expecting snow for Monday. Please, oh please, give me some relief. We are ready to plant our garden. But in the meantime, I let Ty enjoy an afternoon moment of playing in the rain. He was thrilled to be in his boots and play in WATER. You know how this kid loves his water...the dog bowl, bath time, water fountains, swimming in water, splashing in water puddles, catching water on his tongue...I could go on.