Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playground Madness

Our zoo rebuilt a playground that just opened up and has made Ty the biggest fan! We are blessed that it is so close to home. The kid goes crazy every time he sees a playground and signs the word "play"! This playground is perfect for the big and little kids, handicap accessible and the incredible soft cushion stuff on the ground guards the falls. Its even fun for adults!
The new playground. This is just a portion of it. The place is HUGE!

The drum wall. They never had these when I was growing up.

Ty climbing up the big dinosaur tail.

This a cool piece of equipment. You can slide down it, but also climb up it.

Look at that smile...oh, the joy of a toddler!

This is a springy type contraption. Not quite a trampoline, but requires some balance.

This is a big kid slide. Check out the steepness to get up it.

I love this picture. The boys were watching a helicopter fly overhead.

Ty using his impeccable fine motor skills to pick up a piece of tiny plastic. The little guy will hand you the tiniest crumb off the floor and happened to continue his game on the playground floor.