Monday, March 30, 2009

More Hummus Please

Do you have a picky eater in your house? If so, a palate repair is the answer. This is the joke in our house as Ty eats just about EVERYTHING since his palate was repaired. We don't know if food feels different in his mouth or if he was starving for real food after two weeks on a liquid diet, but we have a voracious eater on our hands. Before surgery, Ty ate eggs, bananas, noodles, bread and yogurt. He would try veggies like green beans and peas every now and then, but was never consistent. At this time, I think we have a vegetarian on our hands. He will eat all types of vegetables and devours broccoli and asparagus. Black beans, kidney beans and garbanzo beans are also part of his repertoire. I made hummus on Friday for our Saturday evening house church gathering and the little guy could not have enough. I had leftovers on Sunday and Ty picked it out of the fridge on Sunday and brought it to me for snack. He wanted to sit on the stool at our counter height table instead of his high chair so I granted him the opportunity. The kid at the hummus by the spoonful like you would peanut butter and demanded more. I am so grateful for an adventurous eater. He also ate the roasted vegetables and curry chicken salad that was part of our spread on Saturday night!