Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Something a Little Different

The Inn Above Onion Creek, the incredible and green bed and breakfast that I worked (housekeeper, cookie maker, assistant cook, reservation maker) at in college and on occasion after I graduated, was featured in National Geographic Traveler as one of the Top 10 Most Romantic Inns! I would definitely second that as it is in a quiet, rustic yet elegant setting with fabulous sunsets, gourmet food and natural gardens/wildflowers. Due to its remoteness at its conception, the inn offers both breakfast and dinner in its price. Eight years later, development in the local area has boomed and there are more choices for food, but the inn has fought and won to have the land in their area to be zoned for no development to protect the wildlife, greenbelt/aquifer and views of the guests. I have so much respect for the inn and its owners and innkeeper, Amy. The inn was green years before it was cool to be green. We composted and recycled everything possible, had organic gardens and bought organic food to prepare all meals. We were conscious about everything in our day to day operations. Troy and I had the opportunity to stay there last summer for a get away after vacationing with our family in Texas. I always dreamed of visiting the inn with my spouse as I was cleaning the rooms and I finally got to fulfill that dream. Enough time had past since I worked there that I felt detached enough to be able to enjoy its possibilities at its fineness.