Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Morning in the Park

The grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins from Texas were in town for a visit last week and we enjoyed a gorgeous spring morning in the park. The guys organized a game of "football" using sticks to define the boundaries and included the little ones. Ty wasn't too sure what to think, but his sports loving dad was determined to show him the game. I think Ty is more like his mom who is uncoordinated and prefers the type of sports that depend on ones own body and not the team and ball...like swimming, biking and running. I feel we have more of a future triathlete on our hands in the athletics department.


Must said...

Hi Amy and Troy,

Ty is so handsome. He has grown and changed so much in just 6 months! Lucie mentioned Ty today, and I told her we could see his photo. She likes to talk about Lila's friends from China, especially Ty. I will upload one of Lila to the yahoo site and maybe others will do the same. Hope everything is good with you!

Leisl Must

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