Thursday, January 31, 2008

Waiting and Waiting and Waiting...

We are still waiting from our SW as to whether or not we have been picked by the birthmom of the 7 month old. I sent her an email on Tuesday and she told me the package of profiles she sent out last weekend got returned, so she Fed-Exed them again on Tuesday. She told us we should hear from her by Wednesday or Thursday. It is still mid-morning on Thursday, but we are waiting for that phone call. We have a little understanding of what it must be like to wait for that phone call on referral day! We have all sorts of questions if we are picked! When will we get to pick up this child, will he come with any pictures, clothes, favorite toys, lovies, etc.? We are expected to get 8-10 inches of snow tonight and Friday. Will this slow us down if we ARE picked by the birthmom? I am not good at WAITING!

The interning SW (we really like her) met with our other birthmom on Tuesday and she said things are really going to be up in the air until the 72 hours after delivery are up when/if the birthmom surrenders her parental rights. The BM is thinking logicaly, but is emotionally driven. Based on her track record, we are not getting our hopes up.

I am off to the post office this morning to mail the re-filing of our I-600A since our 171-H expires in April! Praise God for the waived re-filing fee. Our HS update fee was reasonable, so we are not out too much $.