Friday, January 11, 2008

13 Month LID Anniversary

Today marks our 13th month of waiting in line for our little one in China. Rumors are running wild for those with a 12/06 LID. I have heard we might have another 2-6 years! OUCH! I don't like to believe rumors, but the way things have been going lately...they are going down the drain!

I took our potential birth mom to the Dr. on Wednesday and she is 28-29 weeks along. They gave her an EDD of 3/23, but she delivered her previous 2 at 36 weeks so that takes us to the end of February. We go back to the Dr. again on Monday for an ultrasound which will give us a better idea of things. I heard the little one's heartbeat and it was strong. We continue to pray for the baby and mom during this time.