Thursday, January 03, 2008

The SLOW Boat

... to China is taking forever. Are they rowing in quicksand? Referrals came out on Wednesday and they only got to Dec. 19, 2005! That is only 5 days of referrals!

Troy and I feel so much better now that we are pursuing a domestic adoption due to the extreme wait. Our home study update was scheduled for today, but our SW had to cancel. She had a birth mom approach her who has not had prenatal care and thinks she is 6 months pregnant. Our SW was going to take her to the Dr. and show her our profile. We still don't know what will come with the other birth mom that asked us to adopt her baby. Her phone is out of order and nobody can get a hold of her. In the meantime, I started painting the nursery and will finish today! I am so excited that we choose the black crib and dresser! It will look sharp next to our green and still baby cute with our bedding and other decor!