Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What We Have Learned

Time escapes us and we have already been home more then a month with little Ty. It is amazing how our lives have changed and how precious our time with him is...and how little time we have for ourselves. We wouldn't trade it any other way. We KNOW he was meant for us and we fall in love with him more each day. Here is a little list of what we have learned in our short time with Ty:

* You can never have enough bibs for eating and bibs to wear to catch the drool and clean the snotty nose. We prefer the hand towel type bibs to plastic bibs for eating.

* Two piece P.J.'s are ideal when you have a period of nasty diapers.

* We prefer Huggies Supreme or Kirkland brand (thanks Mom and Dad) diapers for Ty. Luvs stunk and Pampers were O.K., but its the waistband in the Huggies that keep the junk in. Huggies wipes are better for us too. (I know we might get yelled at by some people for using disposable diapers, but it is the one thing I am not budging on since we have to deal with the type of diapers we do...they are getting better by the way. We do recycle just about everything we can and compost too.)

* It is possible to have a blowout diaper that reaches the shoulders when you do not have the right brand of diaper on.

* Never say, "I hope my kid won't do that" because they probably will. For example, poop in the tub, pee on the carpet after bath time before you have a chance to put a diaper on (Ty likes being in the natural state) and spit up all over the outfit you just put them in.

* Our time on the computer is limited, especially blogging if you haven't noticed.

* Kids music, especially Dan Zane, Justin Roberts and Ralph's world is pretty catchy for adults. I currently love "Father Goose" by Dan Zane.

* Just because your child was up later then their bedtime does not mean they will sleep in.

* We are grateful for Love Without Boundaries for their doctors, volunteers and all that they do for each child. The photo above is from them. We have received many more that I will have to post later, but isn't he the cutest little thing? Those cheeks continue to remain very kissable.

* We are grateful for Swallow's Nest, Ty's foster family in Kaifeng and all those that took care of him at ZZ SWI. We know he was in loving arms.

* Grateful that God chose us to parent Ty.


Alyson & Ford said...

Loved ready your list. We are very fortunate to not have any bad "blow out's" yet. Pampers are working fine for us but we are in potty training mode so looking for less diapers soon.

Yes, bibs are a must; we have them in the diaper bag and each vehicle, plus my purse!

We have withdrawn from our excessive computer time. We are adjusting but love our computers. AA loves

We will listen to Dan Zane... we do need more music that she understands.

Yes, you are right, AA wakes up at about the same time in the morning no matter what time we put her to bed.


Anonymous said...