Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Taste of the Midwest

First I will cut my corn with a knife...

... and then try my fork.

So proud I have to kiss my "plowboy" dad.

I tease Troy about spending the majority of his childhood on a farm. If you knew me in my teen-age years, I was adament I would not marry or date a person who raised livestock or crops. I am not against these people at all, I just thought I was too "cultured" or a city girl to understand their way of life. God has a funny sense of humor and I married a "plowboy" as I call/tease Troy. He really didn't have an interest in the lifestyle and considered himself more of a city boy and moved to Austin once he got a chance. Now we call our current destination a mix between his hometown in Iowa and my birthplace, Austin. Agri-business is huge here and there are corn and soybean fields all around, which I have learned to appreciate their beauty. I am becoming more educated in the machines used and the difference between sweet corn and field corn.

Ty had his first try of corn this past Sunday and was not too sure of corn on a stick. I let him play around with the corn as he was intrigued with what it was all about. FIrst he tried a knife and then a fork. He figured out a way to eat some corn as he didn't want my help in his discovery.