Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Library Pic

We have an incredible library in town (who has the greatest children's library staff) with the top floor being for children. There is an area for puppet shows, a play area and an auditorium where we have gone for storytime by BabyTALK (my employer) that includes story time, a craft, fingerplays and fun songs to sing. Since Ty has been in town, we have made it to the library at least once a week. Ty has become a great fan of Justin Roberts and Dan Zanes. Mom and Dad need to check out new CD's to because we are REALLY tired of the first ones even though we still play our favorite songs over and over again while in the car. As I have said before, Ty LOVES music and you can see his little lips moving pretending he is singing the songs. Anywase, this picture is from our first visit our first week home after I was over the stomach flu. The library staff takes a picture of each famiy on their first visit and then puts it on a wall. They thought this picture was so cute they emailed it to me. The staff has fallen in love with Ty and he turns on the charm each time blowing kisses and giving tons of smiles... even though you won't know from this picture.


The NV Mingays said...

Hi! Miriam Deuel forwarded us your blog address and I have enjoyed reading your story, especially with this happy ending. Congrats on becoming a family of 3 - looks like you are all having a wonderful time together. Your son is adorable!


Karen Graff-Povis said...

What a cutie! Motherhood is looking great on you! It sounds like you are settling into parenthood quite nicely. And Ty looks like he is doing great in the USA! Take care, Karen

Harold said...

Hey guys! Loved looking through all your photos on your blog. Ty looks like a fun little "tyke"... :) God's blessings to your family.


Anonymous said...