Friday, October 10, 2008

Total Cuteness

Mom was ecstatic Ty was eating his green beans!

"Hello Grandma. I cannot wait to see you and Grandpa." (Ty loves his monkey slippers!)

The package is more fun then the gift.

Jack gets a bite of PB @ J.

Ty gets a bite.

Dad gets a bite.

Ty continues to be a trooper and so much fun. We saw a pediatrician that specializes in international adoption in St. Louis on Tuesday and poor Ty had 5 shots, 3 viles of blood drawn and 2 x-rays in addition to hanging out in a tiny room for 2 hours while mom and dad answered questions. We had great intentions to go the Dr.'s, eat lunch at our old neighborhood joint and shop at Trader Joe's, but poor Ty had enough.

This week Ty has been eating anything we give him, except milk despite our tries to make it good with chocolate syrup or vanilla extract. We have figured out we can hide it in his rice cereal with yogurt so he gets some calcium. We are grateful he likes cheese too. He has also cut his nap down to one hour a day, but sleeps 12 hours at night.

Ty LOVES music and we checked out a Justin Roberts CD this morning at the library in addition to a few others. While driving home listening to Justin, Ty was sucking one index finger and beating the other against his chest to the exact beat. It was too cute. We knew he had musical talent when he would drum to the beat when we sing songs, but this was another reminder. Ty is also giving lots of kisses to us and has even tried to kiss Jack.