Monday, October 06, 2008

Since We've Been Back

A surprise welcome from our house church family.

Playing at the library.

Our little drummer boy.

Looking cute in my new hat.

Smiling for Daddy on his birthday.

"I'm coming to get you Mom."

Isn't that the cutest grin?

Ty and Daddy taking a stroll along the lake.

Ty trying hard to put on both his shoes and socks.

A, T, and P. House church friends.

We are all better now and have been out and about since we have been stuck in the house. Ty had his first trip to Target, Walmart, the library, friends house for a birthday party and took it all in like it was no big deal. We have also started to introduce him to co-workers and of course all those from house church when they came over on Sunday. Ty takes everything in and tries it all. The boy does not have any fear. He steps into a situation with full anticipation and excitement. He continues to charm those he meets with his giggles and smile.

Ty's diapers are getting better. We still have our occasional blowout that requires a bath, but we are getting to be experts now. The little guy still does not like to get dressed or have his pants changed, so we have our wrestling matches despite distractions to make it fun. He is also starting to eat fruits which make us proud. Bananas are the only "natural" fruit at this time beside canned mandarin oranges and tropical fruit, but we will not complain. Otherwise, he is a meat and potatoes boy.

Jack has been incredible with Ty. We were afraid that he may not do well and be extremely jealous since he doesn't have a great history with kids, but our prayers have been answered. Jack has been so gentle and full of kisses. He will even go into Ty's room when he is sleeping to peek into his crib. This morning he was howling along with Ty's cries as he was waking up. It was too cute.


Ruth and Brian said...

Sounds like Abigail and Ty could go head to head in a wrestling "diaper changing" match. She hates it with a passion- makes me wonder what they did to her in the orphanage to make her dislike is so much. We too have to do the 'big distraction' in order to get the dirty one off and clean one on. Feeling your pain!!!

So fun to see you guys out and about too. Enjoy the good weather while you have it. Fall is in full swing here - rainy, blustery, stormy and 50-60 degrees. I would trade China weather right now for Seattle weather.

Ruth & Brian

T n' W said...

Glad you guys are feeling better! Sophie has the diaper issue going on too! We keep changing the things on the changing table to give her something different to grab at. Works sometimes. We have our first family birthday party this weekend. Sophie's quick to smile too and if she's feed and had her nap I'm sure she'll be good to go!
Btw, I LOVE the hat. He is just adorable!

Christine said...

Glad you are all feeling better. The pictures are adorable - I know you both are so thrilled to have him home.

Karen Graff-Povis said...

Hi! I am so happy for you!! It just seems like yesterday, we were in SLC talking about Ty, and I was asking too many questions! And now it is all a reality! Can you believe it? You must be a very proud mama! How exciting for you and Troy! Ty is very lucky to have both of you for his parents! By the way, he is absolutely adorable!


Anonymous said...