Saturday, September 29, 2007

Troy's Birthday in Review!

Troy celebrated his 33rd birthday on the 26th and we decided to have a little fun with him! Abby (Troy's cousin who is living with us) and I came up with some clues to a scavenger hunt since I was too lazy to wrap one of Troy's gifts. Here we go:

Clue #1 was attached to his golf shirt and it read: I get hot when you turn me on. After checking the stove, shower and water faucets, Troy found clue #2 at... By the way, look at Jack sitting and listening so patiently. He is so dang cute!

...the gas grill! Clue #2 read: Jack's favorite outdoor food.

Troy immediately knew the answer to this one! Jack loves to eat birdseed which is kept in our barn like shed. Clue #3 said: Are you in the zone?

Since Abby brought her T.V., we now have a "Man Zone" in the basement! This was an easy clue, but the next one really stumped him. Clue #4: A mouse poops from this.

... yes, the trunk of my Matrix. (We call the Matrix "Mousey" since it looks like a little white mouse that ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOMS.) Troy got his 3 in 1 leaf blower that he has been wanting to add to his collection of tools "every man needs to have".

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