Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hawks, Bulbs, Muffins and Other Ramblings...

It is Sunday night and I am reviewing the past weekend and how fast it has gone! I am also relishing that I only have to work a 1/2 day on Monday since the schools are closed, but the prenatal clinic remains open!

I had my stamp club meet on Friday night and we had a great time making a Halloween spinner card, paper lantern and a Dixie cup basket! I will have to post pictures of the projects later. Troy went golfing with friends while we met and he had an incredible must be the new golf shirt he received for his birthday. He came home excited as always and had to tell me the story, hole by hole! He did shoot 1 above par a week ago!

Since Troy had to work at the the soccer fields on Saturday, I caught up with some grocery shopping and went to Kohls for some more silverware. It is amazing how often we do dishes and run out of silverware with 1-2 extra people in the house per day! How do these families of 16 do it! I ended the evening (after having our weekly Mexican dinner and buying birdseed) with making muffins for house church on Sunday. We start off with a potluck breakfast each morning and it gives me an excuse to try out different recipes or throw together my experiments! So far so good despite Abby saying my food is too spicy! Hello, I am from Texas and we like flavor! I give her a hard time. Troy said he was the same way, but his taste buds have adjusted! She will be a spice lover before she knows it! Oh, Abby and Troy are depressed since Iowa lost. Next week is the big Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Texas Longhorns game, so I have been told. I told Troy we might as well become Illinois fans since they are doing very well this year. I am not a football lover, but I listen to the stories.

House church was incredible again! Each week has been totally different and while we have between 6-8 meet each week, we have had new faces each time! It is so relational because you actually get to talk to people and talk during church! Drinking coffee the entire time is not a bad addition either! Plus, Jack gets to join us! I love having our dog at church! After a short nap, I planted 100 spring bulbs this afternoon. This is a first for me, so we will see what happens. My hands are feeling it though! We are praying for rain and cooler weather! It was 94 degrees today and it is October in the Midwest. We were going to go to the pumpkin patch this afternoon, but it felt too much like summer! My parents are coming in on Wednesday from Texas and we are going to take them on Thursday. The weather is to be in the upper 60's, so I pray it feels more like Fall! The leaves are changing colors and dropping to the ground, but the temps are in the 90's! Global warming...

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