Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thanks Mama Pat!

Troy and I received the cutest ducky quilt a couple of weeks ago from Mama Pat. Mama Pat is our "surrogate mother" who always has a listening ear and truly understands what Troy and I have been through and continue to deal with. She and her husband are true jewels! Mama Pat is a talented seamstress and asked to make us a quilt for our little one(s), but wanted to know what theme we wanted. Troy LOVES rubber ducks and we will be the "Roenfanz Rubber Duckies" if we ever have our own team, plus it is unisex since we don't care if we get a boy, girl or both! The quilt turned out perfect and has so many special little touches to it like the duck family on the back. I also hope her note in the card that accompanied it is true: "Now that I've finally got it there, maybe it will be a good omen for them to speed up in China! :-) " We hope so too!