Monday, September 03, 2007

Referral History and Prayer Request

This chart is from Rumor Queens website and is a good reference to see how the wait has gotten longer over the years and the number of Log-In-Days (LID) matched has slowed down. I am not a huge fan of Rumor Queen considering her information is so disheartening at times, but she is a good resource to see when referrals might be coming available. Many families choose to post a link to her blog during referral time so you can see the children that have been given forever families.

Please keep the rest of us waiting families in your prayers. When Troy and I started the paperwork in March 2006, we were told the wait would be between 10-12 months after we got our LID. This whole journey has been a test of patience and learning to give up control. We were done with all of our paperwork in May 2006, but had to wait on our social worker to finish our homestudy (July) and the USCIS (immigration) to give us our fingerprinting appointment and process our 171-H. Most people are able to complete their dossier in 3-6 months, but it took us 8 due to waiting on other people! In the meantime, we have had a couple of moms consider us to adopt their babies only to decide to parent them instead. We know God's timing is perfect(even though we don't like it at times), but we are ready to parent and wonder how and when He is going to build our family!

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