Saturday, September 01, 2007

We Are Blessed!

It has been a while since I have posted the gifts we have received from our Winter Blossoms Secret Pal group! My computer has our pictures on it and it is running supper SLOW making it is a pain to post, but I decided to fire her up and play catch up today since I am stuck inside dealing with allergies.

The theme for June was "Welcome to America" and the Symonies were our secret pals! Kerrie and Ken truly outdid themselves! The package also arrived on my birthday and it was an added bonus! You can see from the picture that even Jack got the cutest dog treats! Troy and I are huge U2 fans and they included a lullaby CD that is all U2 songs without the words to dulcimer like sounds! I didn't even know this CD existed! In addition, they included 2 bibs in case we receive twins! Thanks again Symonies!

The August theme was "Dinnertime", but the Daughs made it even more meaningful! We received an Asian Cabbage Patch Kid along with Asian stickers for our little one(s) Lifebook! Cabbage Patch Kids hold a special place in my heart! I still remembering getting my first one with my grandparents. I wanted a bald, black boy in overalls, but my grandfather wouldn't buy him for me (my grandfather was part of the generation when many people were racist and segregation existed). I got a little bald, white boy instead! I still have that CPK today wearing the clothes my other grandmother made for him!

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