Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tears and Enchiladas

While eating our traditional Friday night Mexican food at one of our favorite spots (praise God for good Mexican food in Central Illinois!), Troy said, "I am going to bawl when we become parents!" This of course brought instant tears dripping into my enchilada verdes! I of course asked him "Why?" His response, "It is such an honor for God to select US to parent HIS children!" This brought more tears.

There has been discussion in our LID Yahoo group as to what peoples plans are due to the increasing wait times in China. A few have pulled out, some are sticking with it and others are looking into concurrent adoptions. Troy and I have discussed this and he says, "We will be patient and wait on China." We cannot afford a concurrent adoption and we ARE NOT pulling out, so we continue to wait for a miracle(s) to happen....China speed up, one of my clients chooses us to parent their child, I miraculously become pregnant or all the above!

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