Saturday, November 01, 2008

New Gifts are GREAT!

Dad enjoys the new toys too!

And the boy dunks and he has on the right outfit too!

Gifts continue to trickle in for Ty and who doesn't like to receive a little something new. At this point in time, cars and balls are his favorite toys. Thank you everybody for giving us lots of fun times and laughter!


Ruth and Brian said...

Troy and Amy,
What a cutie Ty is! Your choice of Lumberjack for Halloween is priceless. Boys and their axes, swords, whatever has a blade (as my 3 would say). I just love to see how each of these small little blessings bud and flourish when you place them in love-rich environments.

So hard to believe that just 5 weeks ago we were in Guangzhou getting ready to head home with brand new experiences that lay before us! We truly are blessed to be the parents of this amazing little children. The joy that they bring each and every day...well not something that could ever be measured.

Ruth & Brian in WA

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