Saturday, November 15, 2008

Child At Work

No, we are not breaking any child labor laws. Our son desires to help out with cooking and cleaning/chores, so why not model it now and take advantage of his eagerness. Maybe he will be the next Top Chef or helpful husband. Troy enjoys vacuuming and dusting on Thursdays which is his day off. While I was outside cutting back our rose bushes for the season, I came inside to find Ty in the "Poppy Pouch" while Troy was vacuuming. I also took some pictures of Ty using the duster which Troy said he was fascinated by and couldn't get enough of.

The weather has been gloomy this past week, so Ty has been my "dumper and stirrer" when it comes to baking. We made some oatmeal cookies and banana/pumpkin mini muffins which he cannot get enough of. I modify recipes and have been using canned pumpkin instead of oil, in addition to flax seed meal and whole wheat flour instead of white flour. The kids doesn't know any better. I figure the habits I start him on now will stick with him for a while.


Alyson & Ford said...

He will be a great husband someday!
Laundry next?

Alyzabeth's Mommy!

Ruth and Brian said...

Loving the cleaning from an early age. If you haven't seen the blog with Abigail on the vacuum - check it out. She literally climbs onto it and rides it while we vacuum. Very funny.

Great job on getting the eating habits down early. Believe me (speaking from older boy experience), start early cause they don't wake up one day and say "you know, I think I would like to eat healthy and give up white flour, refined sugar, etc." I only have 1 out of 3 that are in touch with how food makes him feel - so way to go!!!

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