Friday, November 07, 2008

"Mom.... Please, Don't Spank Me"

Of course I am not going to spank my son for this. I know it is part of exploring his surroundings and it is NOT going to hurt him. He has been into everything, "non toy" the past two cabinets (especially our recyclables), bathroom cabinets, bookcase, craft room supplies, smushing bugs... the little guy has the BEST fine motor skills as he gives me EVERY crumb and bug he finds on the floor. He points out the details... just like his mom.


Ruth and Brian said...

So glad to hear that Abigail isn't the only child getting into "non-toy" items too. And she's so sticking fast we are so glad there are 5 of us to keep our eyes on her.

I had to laugh when I say the pictures of Ty in the kitchen and bathroom as I could literally just photoshop Ty out of the picture and Abigail in - what mischief. And you are so right - they are truly just trying to discover the world around them that they have never been given the chance to before. Though Abigail has definitely got the grasp of "no" as she can repeat it appropriately back to us.

Also so fun to see you in pictures with Ford, Alyson and Alyzabeth. We too wish we could be closer. Who knows, with Brian and the job market now you never know where God will place us.

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