Saturday, November 22, 2008

Indoor Sledding

Indoor Sledding: Take a laundry basket+ a dog leash + cool dad = loads of fun!

More Dad, More!

Baby Ainsley

While we continue to wait for a decent snowfall to use our new sled (Thanks Kristina!), we are practicing indoor sledding. This is what I came home to last Thursday after getting my haircut. Troy was doing laundry and of course Ty had to help. Troy added a new spin to laundry and this is what we got...

Ty has since recreated the scene for himself using Baby Ainsley, a Cabbage Patch Doll we received months ago from one of our Secret Pals from our original log-in date group.


Ruth and Brian said...

Absolutely love the laundry basket sledding!!! Something for Ty to look forward boys a few years back (from the suggestion of a family friend of grandpa's)decided to take a rubbermaid garbage can and cut it into the shape of a sled. They then proceeded to attach it with a thick rope to the back of a ride on lawn mower and took turns driving the lawn mower while the other one would ride the sled. Now the tricky part comes in when you add a 3rd brother to the equation and then you have "tackle the brother on the sled and throw him off so you can be 'king of the sled'"! We could almost make it an Olympic event outside the fact that the lawn mover goes about 3 MPH.

Just a little something to share with Ty someday.

Anonymous said...